Ariel Levy writes Female Chauvinist Pigs

0743249895_1And so I was reading the Wall Street Journal six months ago when I came across a book entitles Female Chauvinist Pigs. I read the review with interest. I’ve been wanting to read a book about feminism for the past year and here was a book with an updated 21st century view on it.

So I went online to buy the book and discovered that the author was Ariel Levy. Ariel was a high school classmate of mine who I always admired for her intellect but we had lost touch and hadn’t spoken since we were 18. needless to say, I was thrilled that I had some connection to the author as this may have been one of those books I instinctively buy and then just sit on my bookshelf.

Female Chauvinist Pigs is a very interesting book. And though it seems to be written for a female audience, it might be even more revealing for men as it brings up a variety of topics that we generally do not think about.

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  1. A-Dub

    I read Levy’s book back in the fall and think its great. No one I knew (aside from one professor) had even heard of it or read it. It was nice because it was kind of like my secret amazing find for a while. Apparently Levy was on Oprah the other dya (I missed it unfortunately) and I’ve found articles springing up everywhere about her book. So, Im sad that my secret find is no longer such a secret, but I’m thrilled that the word is getting out and more people are reading her book.


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