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OK … i was inspired by my friend Noah Kagan who often blogs free business ideas.

i thought i’d try out the same thing. every few weeks or so, i’ll through out a random business idea. some of these ideas will be great. some will be absolutely horrible. the idea here is to encourage your (the potential entrepreneur) brainstorming…

So here is idea #1: (at the time of this posting, the domain is available … so grab it now)… is like HotOrNot meets DIGG: for places like, Jdate, MySpace, friendster, etc.

instead of pictures being uploaded to HotOrNot, works like this:

– a user is surfing MySpace, friendster,, JDate, etc. and the user wants to rate the good-looking-ness of the profile they are viewing.
– the user can copy the dating-site URL and paste it into (or just use a bookmarklet) … screen scrapes the photos off of the dating site (or just does an iframe)
– then the user rates the person’s hot-ness from 1 to 10.

and, of course, other people can go to and just go through the pictures (like HotOrNot).

this would be really fun.

of course, the pitfalls wil be copyright issues. but there is likely to be a way around this (like an iframe or partnership or luck or something).

anyway … enjoy the free business idea. and remember, this idea is worth what you paid for it …

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  1. Ben

    So a group of my engineers have been kicking around an idea in this area. In that conversation it came up that someone did this with the “girls of yahoo” which came from the “hottest” women in yahoo news. It seems they ran into an ownership issue with the picture sources.


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