Congrats to Chris Alden and Aaron Emigh at Rojo

Rojo was acquired by SixApart yesterday.

Rojo is a great company that has been extremely innovative. Rojo is, in my opinion, the best blog newsreader.

and Rojo also pumped out the NooZ service which is really cool and an extremely interesting idea.

Rojo has a small but outstanding team. Its two chiefs, Chris Alden and Aaron Emigh, are true visionaries. I met Aaron in 1999 when I tried to hire him to be the VP Engineering at BridgePath (he turned us down to start his own company).

I met Chris about a year later and we became close friends — through a shared love of politics, free markets, and technology. We serve on the board of Lead21 together and also on the technology advisory board of the Pacific Research Institute.

last year (in 2005) I introduced Chris and Aaron and they became quick collaborators with Aaron joining Rojo as CTO shortly thereafter.

SixApart is now lucky to have two of the smartest guys in technology working for them.

So congrats to Rojo, Chris, and Aaron — and good move by SixApart.

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