global energy demand increasing

So there was big news today … the Wall Street Journal reported that the International Energy Agency presented a paper to the G-20 meeting in Melbourne on global energy demand. The paper predicted that global energy demand will grow 50% in the next 25 years.

50% sounds like a huge number, but over a 25 year period it means it is only growing 1.63%/year. that number doesn’t sound like it would be insurmountable to deal with. it is much less than the global economy is predicted to grow. couldn’t a potential plan of conversation and new energy sources deal with this increase in demand???

One thought on “global energy demand increasing

  1. Dinesh Shenoy

    Your comment reminded me of Prof. Fine’s concept of Clockspeed – that every industry has a half-life and should be evaluated in that context.
    The proverbial fruit fly example lives only 24-hours, so six hours is a large chunk, but a human lives ~100 years so 6-hours a small amount of time (relatively).
    Energy and transportation projects take many years to develop and have a useful-life of decades. So looking at it on an annual basis isn’t appropriate, because we can’t build a power plant within a year. There’s similar rumblings for the San Diego Airport, where you have to look at the growth over decades when planning infrastructure projects.
    But you bring an important point that conservation has a different clockspeed and action can be more immediate. I wonder if there’s a way to translate clockspeeds where supply solutions and demand solutions have different time-constants to standardize this.


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