the $10,007 referral reward for BD star

Rapleaf is a 12-person start-up in San Francisco. We’re building a portable identity and social graph and already have deep data on approaching 100 million people. Rapleaf allows companies, developers, and communities to build applications on top of this data.

We’re looking for a BD rock star.

Rapleaf is backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top investors and has an ourstanding engineering team. We’re hiring our first BD person (right now the CEO is the only outwardly facing person in the company) and this is an opportunity to build on a business that already has a significantly number of customers.

p.s. we are looking for the next Matt Cohler. If you know who Cohler is, you know we have extremely high standards.

1 thought on “the $10,007 referral reward for BD star

  1. Steve E

    Matt Cohler is bright and well-connected and I respect him, but he is not the gold standard for BD guys with long-term vision. For all his many successes, Cohler is responsible for what appears to be a very costly BD mistake. In August 2006, he negotiated an advertising partnership with Microsoft that is exclusive and lasts until 2011. That deal makes it difficult for Facebook to deliver ads from a Microsoft competitor onto third-party websites. The cost of opportunity was very high for Facebook, because it put Google’s ad inventory off-limits, and Google’s ad inventory is far more valuable than Microsoft’s.
    Look for the next Peter Thiel. 🙂


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