a recovering out-of-office addict

I used to be a big believer in those “out of office” email reminders … even when I was only gone for an afternoon. I was an Out-of-Office zealot. I’d let you know where I was, that I was unlikely to get back to you anytime soon, and contact info of my asst in case you really truly needed to reach me.

And while there is no 12-step program for out-of-office-aholics, I somehow kicked the habit.

The thing is, I realized that very few people actually read those auto-replies. And who was I kidding???? … I still checked my email and cleared my in-box every day. so about a year ago I went cold turkey and cut my out-of-office habit. Now, even when I am out of town, I’m still in the office.

1 thought on “a recovering out-of-office addict

  1. Jeff Judge

    Yep, I realized the same thing a few months ago. I am still tempted to write one if I’m going to be unavailable all day, but it’s really not a big deal.


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