Brafmans have a new book: Sway is worth reading

Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior
By Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman

Ori Brafman’s last book, Starfish and the Spider, captured how decentralized organizations work. it was a really interesting book and a good business read.

Sway is even better. I got an advanced copy from Ori and I highly recommend reading it when it is out (June 3, 2008). Sway gives you a sense of how people make decisions and how most decisions are highly irrational. In fact, Sway is a really good book for debunking the myth that we should trust our gut. In Sway, we learn that the gut is right about as often as throwing darts.

Sway is also a quick read and extremely well written (in true Malcolm Gladwell-esque form). I highly recommend this book.

1 thought on “Brafmans have a new book: Sway is worth reading

  1. Patricia Appelquist

    “…how some decisions are higly irrational…” -Auren’s insight about SWAY a book due out later this year.
    I am sorry, but I will HAVE to read this book. It may totally explain why I am willing to serve my community in the face of complete and utter destruction upon entry into the political arena snakepit.
    I appreciate all your book reviews…how do I get my hands on an advance copy?


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