When Good Isn’t Good Enough at BusinessWeek

BusinessWeek was kind enough to publish an article i wrote about why great people are so much more valuable than good people.

please check out:
When Good Isn’t Good Enough

2 thoughts on “When Good Isn’t Good Enough at BusinessWeek

  1. Raza Imam

    Good article…
    I own a Chicago-based offshore software development firm (Pakistan, not India) As we grow, hiring is one of our biggest challenges. We’re trying to learn from the Indian attrition problem so we hire people with a ‘work first, money later’ attitude. The ONE thing we look for when we hire is how aggressive someone is. They don’t have to know everything, and they don’t have to be a rocket scientist. But the really good developers have to be aggressive problem solvers and hard workers… this makes up for everything else.
    We’re not the smartest guys in the world, but we’re committed as heck. That’s probably been our biggest strength. We’ve found that supposed ‘bad asses’ are self-important primadonnas and usually come with a slew of bad habits. We’re trying to build a world class team and can’t afford for some hot shot to ruin our corporate culture.
    Again, aggressiveness and a good work ethic make up for lack of genius status.
    Would love to hear your thoughts.
    Raza Imam

  2. Raza Imam

    By the way, never heard of Rapleaf (sorry dude, I live in the Midwest, we all live in caves) but it’s a pretty slick concept.
    And yes, I’m pretty dense, so what’s the benefit of using Rapleaf versus Googling someone (besides the fact that you can leave comments about people; which actually is pretty powerful now that I think about it) If you ever meet me, you’ll realize that I pose questions out of sheer stupidity, not to be a smart-ass.
    Raza Imam


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