we don’t know jack about people

Yup … we just don’t know anything about human behavior … and don’t believe otherwise.

Some might argue for nature (“it is the genes … baby”) and some might argue for nurture (the environment). I don’t think we got any clue. None.

Identical twins who are reared in the same home only have a correlation of about 0.5 on personality tests. Now 0.5 is really high – but these are people with the exact same genes and the same upbringing. You’d think they would have even a higher correlation.

This information is care of Judith Rich Harris in her book “No Two Alike” (which I highly recommend). She goes on to state: “the identical twin of someone who has experienced a major depression has only a 40 percent chance of becoming seriously depressed. The identical twin of someone with schizophrenia has only a 48 percent chance of developing the disorder.”

So I stand here knowing that just don’t know jack about people…

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  1. Patricia Appelquist

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t think we (humans) are suppose to figure it all out…kinda takes all the fun out of living.
    If anything…get over the disappointment and (if you are in the SF Bay Area today ) Check out the weather, be glad you don’t have to live in the flood waters of the midwest. Workout that solution so the midwest doesn’t have to worry about the floods again, figure out what kind of “retirement” you want to have.
    Or just enjoy today, spend time with friends and family, relax be gratiful you are alive.


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