Coca-Cola needs math tutoring

BigcokeCoca-Cola (NYSE:KO) might need a little math help on their calorie counts.

A standard 12-ounce can of coke, according to the can, has 140 calories.

but the 8-ounce bite size cans say they have just 100 calories.

one of the cans has to be wrong. either the 12-ounce actually has 150 calories or the 8-ounce has wee bit more than 93 calories.

all this SAT math failures hasn’t affected Coke’s stock price which has skyrocketed in the last year … making Mr. Buffet still a happy man.

6 thoughts on “Coca-Cola needs math tutoring

  1. Scott Sanders

    I think there’s some rounding going on here. Manufacturers are allowed to round to the nearest 10 calories, I believe.
    1. 140 calories / 12 oz = 11.6 calories/oz
    2. 100 calories / 8 oz = 12.5 calories/oz
    If the real number is 12 calories/oz, it would be:
    1. 144 calories for a 12 oz can, rounded down to 140 calories
    2. 96 calories for a 8 oz can, rounded up to 100 calories

  2. Patricia Appelquist

    Read the fine print…everything is based on what the manufactuer can deem a “serving size” so, technically a 12oz can is by FDA 1 and 1/2 serving size of fluid ounces where as by Coca Cola standards a 12oz can is one serving size.
    It is the Marketing versus the FDA versus the consumer doing their homework.
    Which do one do you think Coca Cola is laughing all the way to the bank because they are sheep?

  3. Robin

    the thing is…coke is really delicious. isn’t that the point? calories are also tasty. i don’t care if i’m going to hell because i drink it. it’s good at any speed.


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