signaling would cut down on traffic delays

What would happen if we were to rigorously enforce turn signals while driving? My guess is that it would make people get into the habit of signaling which would cut down accidents and decrease gridlock within cities.

1 thought on “signaling would cut down on traffic delays

  1. Dan

    Auren, I have to disagree. The only way to achieve this would be to 100% enforce all signaling – which can’t be done in today’s world (but maybe someday!). So it would actually cause more accidents – since everyone would assume that traffic signals are being used 100% of the time when necessary, but in fact, ppl may break the rules or have error, not show their signal, and then cause a crash.
    So in today’s world, knowing that traffic signals aren’t 100% enforced probably reduces the number of crashes since people will not always rely on the blinker as guidance.
    And the day when we can enforce turn signals 100%, there will probably be other more efficient things to enforce as well – such as driving speed, lane switching, etc.


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