my best articles of the last twelve months

"Recessions Promote Breakthrough Innovations":

This was written last March but it
is much more relevant today.


"It Takes Tech to Be Elected President":

Much has been written about the
Obama technology coup.   This goes over a
history of tech innovations in elections.


"Social Media Gender Gap":

Men are from video games and women
are from social networks.


“How to Hire: When Good Isn't Good Enough”:

With the recession in full swing, it
is even more important to hire great people.


"You think for yourself but you act like your

This was my most talked about blog
in 2008 … on homophily.


"Implicit is the New Explicit":

getting users is hard
marketing.   Getting data can be a better


"The art of a job offer: encourage candidates to turn
you down":

Some non-obvious ideas on how to
give a job offer.

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