email sabbatical

I sent an email to a friend today and for the following message (name redacted to protect the innocent):

I'm [names]'s email bot.  I'm here to tell you that [names] is off celebrating [an accomplishment] without the Internet or email.  She will be gone until [return date] and decided to take an email sabbatical. This means that no emails received during her vacation will be stored, including your message. In other words, she will NOT receive your message. It won't be waiting for her because I've been instructed to throw everything away so that she can come home to a little less stress.

If you feel as though your message is still relevant post-[return date], you should email her again then. If it is uber urgent and you know how, contact her mother or brother.

For good reason, [names] believes that a vacation is spoiled by coming home to an inbox that is a mile high filled with requests for things to do. When [names] returns, she will be starting a new job and she wants to be at her best without such a crazy backlog.

I apologize for [names]'s quirkiness. She's definitely an odd duck. But I think that she deserves a proper break from the world. I hope you do too.


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