internal clocks and jet lag

Jet lag is often talked about … especially this time of year with so many of us returning from far-away trips and needing to be fresh for work.

It seems some people are extremely affected by jet lag and others barely notice it. from an informal poll of friends, it seems there is very little in-between.

I found that friends who generally wake up in the morning at the same time every day (those people who do not need an alarm clock) tend to have a very strong internal clock. These people seem to be the most affected by jet lag.

Other people who might sleep forever if there was no alarm clock seem to be little affected by jet lag.

1 thought on “internal clocks and jet lag

  1. Dan Erwin

    Flying west is not problematic for me–up to 5 or 6 hours difference. But flying east kills me after 2 hours. Never have understand the reason for this. Jet lag, like medication, is highly idiosyncratic. Thank the gods for melatonin.


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