My advice to job seekers

I’m getting a lot of emails from people that are looking for a job and want advice. Here is the simple advice.

– contact 50-100 companies per week. (if you cannot do that, you’re not the go-getter that companies want)

– before contacting each company — research each company thoroughly. Will take you 30-60 minutes per company.

– contact the exact person at the company that you want to talk to. if it is a small company, email the CEO. A large company, email the right person. email them directly, do not ask for an intro. And you should be smart enough to figure out someone’s email address

– tell that person in two sentences who you are. Tell the person in two sentences some great ideas you have for the company. Attach you resume.

– at least 2% (and probably 10% if you are really impressive) of the companies you contact will be interested in talking with you … even if they are not hiring.

Good luck!!

3 thoughts on “My advice to job seekers

  1. Max Ventilla

    In other words, if you want a job, make it your job to get one (i.e., spend 25 to 100 hrs a week on it). Good advice Auren.

  2. Anon

    If you’re really a quality individual, you never have to look for a job, jobs find you. It’s that simple. Job seekers are by default B and below players. Harsh, but true. In a dozen years post college I’ve never had to look for a job, and even multi million dollar VC funding was fairly simple/quick process.

  3. Ashley

    While it would be silly to try and convince job seekers that the market is robust, there is some silver lining to the grey cloud hanging over our economy — especially if you’re a Gen Y’er (No, really).
    Smart employers know that Gen Y talent – generally defined as the emerging workforce – is practically priceless and brings more to the table than a new perspective. Extinguish the stereotypes that come along with Generation Y and consider highlighting the following benefits in your employment pitch.
    • You’re techno savvy. Technology is the great enabler for corporate America, and you know how to leverage it (come on now; we grew up gnawing on a keyboard). Use your tech savvy know-how to your advantage. Not only do you know how to harness new media, you will quickly master new technologies. You’re an early adopter and can easily transfer your knowledge to your colleagues.
    • You’re flexible. Emerging professionals are more likely to relocate, can easily adapt to change, and are willing to work on a project basis (in fact, many prefer it). Let a potential employer know you’re willing to wear many hats and will do what it takes to get the job done.
    • Your multi-tasking skills are second to none. You process information at lightning speed and have the organizational skills to manage multiple projects at once. Rising to the top under pressure while managing many different initiatives will set you apart from the crowd.
    • You’re entrepreneurial and motivated by opportunity.
    • You can reach fellow Generation Y’ers in the marketplace. No matter what your role in a company, understanding how to tap into the emerging generations will have a positive impact on revenues.
    If you’re looking for job opportunities in Chicago, here’s one resource:
    Good luck in your job search….
    Ashley (fellow Gen Yer)


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