FW: Hi from spacemom

Readers of my twitter page (http://twitter.com/auren) will know that I recently wrote a much
re-tweeted tweet about my mom

mom today told me she wants to join "myface" and

that was from a comment she made on Mother's Day.

My mom heard about the comment and retaliated today by sending me the following email:


Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 10:37 AM

Auren Hoffman

Subject: Hi from spacemom


Hi Auren,

Was great
seeing you on Mother's Day- what a pleasant surprise!!!

As to
"twitting" (I mean writing about me on Twitter….) Well, now that
everybody knows that there's also my-face & spacebook… maybe I should
also post a picture of you NAKED at age two, so that everybody can see the
Michelin – tire body you had…now that will make them really laugh!!!


Love you




So yes, to out myself, i was a really fat baby.   And from the email above, you can see where i might get my sense of humor.

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