lessons from business failure

i tend to like to talk to people who failed.   some of them have analyzed why they failed and how they failed.   these are often good lessons for the future.  

a lot of people who succeeded were very lucky and usually don't draw the right conclusions from their success.  from my own past failures, my main take-away is that hiring (and, if
you have to, firing) is the most important thing a company can do. 

Fabrice Grinda / Jordan Cooper have a great post today about the Lessons from a Startup Failure where they dissect a recent failure.  i think this should be read by all current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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  1. Ryan Graves

    I’m putting together a post on my most recent failure right now. I’m looking forward to reading this article and also hearing what others have to say about my lessons learned.
    Thanks Auren.


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