your job description

From Eric Reis: That every person in the company has this job description: in any situation it is your responsibility, using your best judgment, to do what you think is in the best interests of the company. That’s it. Everything else is only marketing.

3 thoughts on “your job description

  1. Bart Gragg

    Great job description as long as every person knows what the companies best interest is.
    To that end, it is leaderships ‘key accountability’ to make sure that everyone knows what that best interest is.

  2. Leanne

    So what happens when, like Bart mentioned, not everyone has the same idea of what “best” looks like? Is this job description for everyone, from janitor to CEO or is leadership exempt?

  3. craig keefner

    Some would say that in any company, if you don’t have marketing, no one else would have a job.


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