Random Idea: Putting Product Names and Model Numbers on Accessory Products

Two years ago, I bought a headset for my phone — I finally found one that works.  It worked great!   Then, one day, I dropped it and it broke — so I had go buy a new one.  However, I forgot the model number of the headset and for some odd reason the information was not actually written on the headset.  You would think that the company would print it on the headset so I could tell my friends about it, etc.  Maybe even print the web site in small type.  But no — the headset just had a few weird characters.

Luckily, I remembered I bought the headset on Amazon and Amazon captures the complete history of all my transactions — so I was able to find it and reorder it (which is another great thing about Amazon).

I have a little laptop sleeve that I love.  One of my friends was admiring it and wanted to buy one but, amazingly enough, there is no brand on the sleeve anywhere.

For those manufacturers of cords, accessories, and more: please brand it with the make and model.  The little things (in this case, really little) go a long way.

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