How to interview A-Players

5 thoughts on “How to interview A-Players

  1. Jennifer Sweckter

    This is great. i love the part about speaking less than 25% of the time. that is DEFINITELY going to be passed on on my org.

  2. Scott Milener

    great tips, Auren. Thanks. I think getting the person to explain something or teach something is a great interview step. I usually ask the person to go to a whiteboard and draw out a process, strategy, idea, etc. This let’s them really show who they are. Also agree that brain teasers are not good measurements most of the time. they just put someone on the spot. Though I will say that teasers can give a black or white answer: did they at least give it a good go with a thoughtful approach, or did they just bail on trying? Bad if they just bail.


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